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Ph.D. in Literary Theory (University of Salamanca, Extraordinary Award, 2016).

I do interdisciplinary research on the literary imagination. I am interested in the processes of poetic thought and in the relations between science and literature, particularly in the Francophone and Hispanic domains.

Patio de Escuelas Menores, Salamanca, 2017

My research in Comparative Literature and Literary Theory has been carried out since 2011 within the framework of the ILICIA – Literary Inscriptions of Science group, at the University of Salamanca, and since 2020 at the Center Pléiade of the Université Sorbonne Paris Nord. In these contexts, I explore both the epistemological dimension of poetry and its cognitive value through literary research, translation, teaching, and creative writing.

I have conducted research stays at the Université Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris III (2013), and at the Université du Québec à Montréal (2015), have been a postdoctoral researcher at the Donostia International Physics Center within the Mestizajes program (2015-2017), and have been Assistant Professor at the Romanisches Seminar of the Christian-Albrechts University zu Kiel, (2017-2019). Currently I work at the Université Sorbonne Paris Nord where I develop a line of research on cognitive poetics in romance literatures.

I am the author of Science and Modulation of Poetic Thought (2017), and have co-edited the collective works Inscriptions littéraires de la science (2017) with Amelia Gamoneda, #Nodes (2017; 2019) with Gustavo Schwartz and Entornos de la traducción (2020), with Javier Gómez-Montero. Among my research interest are:

ImaginationPhilosophy of perception  | Philosophy of Emotion Theory of metaphor  | Memory in Literature  | Abstraction  | IntuitionAestheticsPoetry and Science  | Epistemology épistémocritique  | Consciousness |

Cognitive Futures Conference, Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz, 2019


  1. 2019 – Red Europea de Traductores de Castrillo de los Polvazares (RETCaP).
  2. 2016 – Sociedad Española de Literatura General y Comparada (SELGyC).
  3. 2016 –  Asociación Española de Teoría de la Literatura (ASETEL).
  4. 2015 – Revue de Littérature Hypermédiatique (UQAM).

Journals Referee

  1. 2020 – Revista de Ciencias Sociales y Humanidades. Metropolitan Autonomous University (Mexico). ISSN: 2007-9176.
  2. 2019 – Humanidades: revista de la Universidad de Montevideo. University of Montevideo. ISSN: 1510-5024.
  3. 2019 – Estudios culturales y críticos de la esfera digital. University of Salamanca. ISSN: 2254-4496.
  4. 2018 – Tropelías. Revista de Teoría de la Literatura y Literatura Comparada. University of Zaragoza. ISSN 1132-2373.

Participation with research projects and groups

  1. 2020 –     Pléiade – Multidisciplinary research center of the Université Sorbonne Paris Nord (EA 7338). Director: Frédéric Alexandre. Associated member.
  2. 2016 –     Inscripciones literarias de la ciencia. Research cluster, University of Salamanca.
  3. 2018 – 2020     Inscripciones literarias de la ciencia. Cognición, epistemología y epistemocrítica. REF: FFI2017-83932-P – Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad. Principal Investigator: Dr. Amelia Gamoneda Lanza, University of Salamanca. (3 years).
  4. 2015 – 2017     Inscripciones literarias de la ciencia. Lenguaje, ciencia y epistemología. PI: Dr. Amelia Gamoneda, University of Salamanca. Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad. REF: FFI2014-53165-P (3 years).
  5. 2011 – 2013     Inscripciones literarias de la ciencia: Ámbitos interdiscursivos, transferencias conceptuales, y procesos semióticos. PI: Dr. Amelia Gamoneda, University of Salamanca. Junta de Castilla y León. Ref. SA021A11-1 (3 years).

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