PhD Víctor Bermúdez 

2019 –       Lecturer, Département d’espagnol, d’études ibériques et ibéro-américaines. Université Sorbonne Paris Nord.

2017 – 2019        Research Assistant  (wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter für Romanische Literaturwissenschaft), Romanisches Seminar de la Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel (Alemania).

2016-2017. Postdoctoral Researcher at the Mestizajes Program – Donostia International Physics Center.

2016 PhD in Literary Theory and Comparative Literature – University of Salamanca, (Extraordinary Doctoral Award).

2011 MA. Spanish and Latin American Literature, Literary Theory and Comparative Literature – University of Salamanca.

2010   B.A. Humanities – University of Salamanca.

Donostia International Physics Center, 2016

I do interdisciplinary research about literary imagination. Within the spectrum of Literary theory, I’m interested in the processes of the poetic thought and in the relations between science and literature, particularly in the French and Hispanic domains. I explore both the epistemological dimension of poetry and its cognitive value through literary research, translation, ​and creative writing. Currently, I teach literature and I develop a research line on cognitive poetics at the CAU zu Kiel.

In the context of the research cluster Literary Inscriptions of Science – ILICIA, I wrote the thesis Science and modulation of the Poetic Thought: Perception, Emotion, and Metaphor in Lorand Gaspar’s writing, under the supervision of Dr. Amelia Gamoneda and Dr. Manuel González de Ávila.

Patio de Escuelas Menores, Salamanca, 2017

Several research stays have reinforced my training, at the Département de Littérature et Linguistique Françaises et Latines (Université Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris III) and at the FIGURA – Centre de recherche sur le texte et l’imaginaire  (Université du Québec à Montréal). I’ve given conferences on cognitive poetics at the University of Salamanca and at the Université de Toulouse II and I’ve taught seminars on Semiotics and on French poetry. In addition to being part of the ILICIA cluster, I’ve been a postdoctoral researcher at the Mestizajes program (Donostia International Physics Center), and I am currently Lecturer of Spanish at the Romanisches Seminar of the Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel (Germany), where I’m lecturing on literature and emotions.

From 2010 to 2013, I’ve founded and edited the interdisciplinary magazine Periplo. As a literary translator, I’ve published in several magazines various extracts of French-speaking poets Lorand Gaspar, Bernard Noël, Jacques Dupin, Heather Dohollau and Amina Saïd (See Brillo disperso [Spanish only]).

Within the Cognitive poetics discipline, some of the research interests include:

 Philosophy of perceptionPhilosophy of EmotionTheory of metaphorPhilosophy of Mind, Abstraction, Intuition, | AestheticsCognitive SemioticsPoetry and ScienceEpistemologyépistémocritique,  Conciousness

Academic record:

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